1,2,3,4…sensations of those who surf

André Carrilho
1 December 2022
1,2,3,4…sensations of those who surf

Sometimes we have the wrong idea that surfing is doing what immediately appears to us when we click on the internet search engine “Surf”. When you click, the first surf videos appears.

These videos, with paradisiacal scenery, endless waves, crystal clear water, sun…

However, surfing is travelling on the wave, taking advantage of its power to move around. Those are the seconds in which we feel a sensation that few sports manage to cause and induce.

Some studies have been done in an attempt to explore and identify the importance of surfing in our health and well-being. Organizations such as the “Internacional Surf Therapy Organization” try to compile all studies related to this topic.

Studies such as “The benefits of surfing as a therapy for young people“, works as a good reference for the topics addressed in this association.

At Future Eco Surf School we are able to witness the genuine and immediate feeling of someone who has just “caught” a wave on a daily basis.

Bordeira beach, Algarve

We grew up with a life of routines that standardizes our daily lives in this “civilized” world.

Surf helps to escape these routines and ends up becoming fundamental in emotional and spiritual balance due to the liberating sensation it causes in those who practice it.

This liberating sensation of being involved with Nature while surfing makes us lighter and more aware of our surroundings.

Of the most varied sensations, the ability to perceive stands out, in which we manage to slow down time. In a wave of a few seconds we manage to incorporate an immensity of sensations and pleasures that transport us to another level.

That is why the practice of surfing is a sport with a certain spirituality and energy, which transcends the simple practice of sport, since it mixes sport, passion, lifestyle, behavior, perseverance, leisure and fantasy.

Explore and try to discover new sensations that you might think are hidden but that you can discover. Try it and draw your own conclusions.

Let the sensations speak for themselves!