3 Benefits of Surfing

André Carrilho
31 May 2022
3 Benefits of Surfing

3 benefits of how surfing is more than a sport.

There are just a few sports and activities that allow us to connect, in a healthy and intense way, different elements of our inside with the surrounding world.

There are numerous advantages and benefits of surfing. However, we think that these 3 fit well into what surfing represents and the result of its practice.

Praia da Rocha, Portimão

Exercise the body:

Surfing allows you to improve your body’s cardiovascular and respiratory system, endurance, coordination and balance.

Benefits for the mind:

Surfing teaches us about concentration or focus, persistence, patience and overcoming obstacles.

As well as relieving stress and anxiety, as contact with the sea activates our senses and causes great sensations, in addition to rebalancing our body with the numerous salts and nutrients present in sea water.

Close contact with nature:

Surfing depends exclusively on nature to exist. Surfers, as they are dependent on it, are always more sensitive and attentive to existing environmental problems.

Overall, surfing brings more balance to the body, in and out of the water, providing a sense of well-being and freedom.

Contact with nature and exercise is half the work to slow down and live life with less stress.

Surfing through the unavoidable contact with nature leads to the release of substances that place the body and spirit in a situation of inner balance.

Take advantage of these benefits to discover the best
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