Surf Lessons

Surf Lessons


We have organised our eco surf lessons for you to make the most out of it.

Group surf lessons are organised according to participants previous surf skills and age whilst private lessons and private coach lessons will assure you a faster progression.


Our Lessons

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How we work

Our methodology results from the conviction that the surfing experience can be interpreted by different individuals in different ways, since some people see surfing as a sport, others as leisure and even as a philosophy or lifestyle.

Evolution phases structure our methodology.

Consequently, our lessons are organised according to students’ surfing skills, experience, age and surfing goals the teaching method of our surf school is structured according to the ancestral surfing philosophy, dating back to several centuries ago when surfing meant having fun and enjoying nature.


Our eco surf lessons evolution – to warrant a quicker progression we organise our lessons in a homogeneous way

Praia da Rocha, Portimão

Level 1

Initiation (Basic level)

  • Getting used to the surf equipment
  • Safety at sea and surf
  • Basic surfing techniques: positioning, paddling and pop-up
  • Autonomy while surfing: board control on the inside, choosing small green waves or already broken waves – foams
  • Basic surfing tricks: balance weight changes, speed up, breaking speed, initial turns
Bordeira beach, Aljezur

Level 2

Improvement (Intermediate Level)

  • Review of knowledge from the previous level
  • Techniques on how to get to the outside
  • Basic rescue techniques
  • Line-up positioning and wave selection techniques
  • Initiation to basic surf tricks: bottom turn e trimming 
Vale Figueiras beach, Aljezur

Level 3

Performance (Advanced level)

  • Review of previous knowledge
  • Linking the different maneuvers according to what the wave asks for
  • Introduction to intermediate/advanced tricks: floater, cut-back top to bottom and off the lip
  • Introduction to functional training and complement modalities: Skate, swimming and slack-line.

Surf lessons location

Every day we travel to find the best possible surfing conditions, which change according to the participants’ surfing experience, the size of the waves, tides, wind and swell direction. Check below in order to find the best surf spots in the Algarve according to the season.


(South Coast Spots)

Spring & Fall

(South and West Coast Spots)


(West Coast Spots)

”Great surf school. The staff is great and the lessons a lot of fun for all ages! Definitely recommend”