The change to a healthier planet and fairer societies need is a systemic one, we believe. One where our different beliefs, motivations, backgrounds, ideas, strengths and areas of impact can meet and do better, together.

Building Community Awareness: Populations Matter

Some issues are just too uncomfortable and complex to discuss and to fight for, but too often these same issues are what really matters to create a fairer society and a healthier planet.

We want to engage with local communities and inspire them to take action on issues that matter. 

We’re in debt with the Algarve’s best beaches and the surrounding Nature

Together with our belief that the world needs a systemic change.

We want to build community awareness, that’s our intention and that change needs to be co-designed by different actors.

Why so?

Because true change needs to be systemic, holistic, inclusive, and meaningful. Otherwise, we believe no meaningful change – regarding stopping climate change, environmental degradation and inequality – will actually take place.

Our understanding is that bioregions need to be accounted for.

Particularly by those benefiting from their resources and natural treasures like we do benefit at Future Eco Surf School.

And how lucky aren’t we to have such stunning beaches with amazing waves so close to our surf school? Both the south and the western Algarve coastline?

Monchique that has breathtaking forests to hike, discover and get lost in.

The Arade river bringing all those countryside nutrients and minerals to the fish close to shore.

The energy and wind power at Cape St. Vincent in Sagres, the very South-Western point of Europe with a j-a-w-d-r-o-p-p-i-n-g view.

We all need to protect these places. 

That’s why we feel like we need to bring relevant topics to the discussion agenda. Raise awareness about them however we can. 

By organizing periodic talks, workshops and dynamics with the local communities in a fun, educative and relaxed way.

Inviting specialists in certain areas or topics to share their views and experience.

By organizing movie screening followed by post-discussions. 

We can invite the community to learn more and get involved, that’s the goal, but it’s not the only one.

Protection needs to happen also to our local people as well.

Building community awareness, growing as a community and progressing as a community

We need to make sure the community have the tools to do their jobs.

The knowledge about how some jobs are more important for society and the planet than others. 

We leave behind a multitude of topics despite their relevance.

Sometimes because the truth is inconvenient, other times it’s just too complicated.

Because we live too often by that famous saying: the world’s worst problem is everyone thinking someone else is going to fix it.

We’re here to engage with the local community.

We want to bring these issues to the top of people’s mind and contribute. However, we can and actively trying to fix them. 

We all have a voice. 

We’re choosing to use ours, and we’re inviting you to do the same!