Carbon Neutrality

We want to become a carbon neutral Surf School.

For the time being, we can’t be happy about having close to zero carbon emissions, not even close, mainly because of the use of our vans to more distant surf beaches.

Despite not being the only responsible for the pollution directly caused in the course of our activities, this is certainly the main reason.

That’s why it serves as the basis for our carbon credit calculations.

Carbon credits are a way of compensating nature for the pollution of carbon dioxide in the air resulting from various circumstances pertaining to the normal operation of activity, in the impossibility of preventing these emissions at all.

Please see below the carbon credits for different years:

2020 – Please check out our emission certificate of 21 Verified Emission Reductions, saving 21 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere so it helps Mozambican Low-Income Households with efficient and clean cooking.

2021 – Please check out our emission certificate of 22 Verified Emission Reductions, saving 22 tonnes of CO2 emissions from being released into the atmosphere so it helps Ceará Renewable Energy Project, Brazil – (22x).

A Carbon Neutral Surf School

Different business activities can arrange this compensation to nature for the environmental footprint left by them. Competent organisations follow the whole process. Ensuring the legitimacy and correct application of the monetary contribution in a project that will effectively result in something that directly benefits nature.

Among the various projects we would like to support through the payment of our carbon credits:

  • projects of reforestation,
  • protection of endangered species
  • the sustainability of marine ecosystems, namely through conscious and balanced fishing.

We know in fact, that the carbonic compensation via buying environmental credits its often used like an easy excuse.

An easy excuse to justify the impacts caused.

Isolated this measure is worth nothing.

For example, the trees that we pay to be planted could make up for our pollution in one single year. But these trees will need several decades to grow and absorb carbon from the atmosphere.

That is to say, this is one of the measures of our sustainability project.

Once again, an isolated measure like this is worth nothing. Although together with other actions allows us to effective minimize our impact. Reinventing the way we work.

We believe that we have an important role for a healthier planet.