Circular surf waste advocates

What can we tell you about circular surf waste advocates?

Most of us learn at school from a young age the importance and the beauty of the 3 Rs. Reduce, reuse and recycle. 

There are many advantages to using the 3Rs. For example, according to the U.S., the Environmental Protection Agency says that recycling 1 ton of paper saves the equivalent of 17 trees and 7,000 gallons of water. 

We can save a lot of energy using and reusing materials, allowing us to preserve natural resources, reducing greenhouse gas emissions.

Greenhouse gas emissions that are released from burning fossil fuels. 

Air, soil and water pollution is directly linked to our consumption behaviour. Reusing and recycling materials directly reduce pollution. 

We know there’s no Planet B consequently by reusing and recycling materials we also reduce landfill space.

A lot of items when thrown away.

These items end up in landfills as a result that becomes a source of air and water pollution. 

We also can save a lot of money. By reusing and recycling what we already have instead of buying new things.

By recycling, repairing and giving a new life to things we thought we couldn’t use anymore. 

Reusing An Item

It means that it continues to be a valuable, useful, productive item, and replaces new items that would utilize more water, energy, timber, petroleum, and other limited natural resources in their manufacture.

Above all businesses can save significant dollars disposal by reselling or donating items that are no longer needed.

For instances, many chemicals and solvents that are no longer useful to one organization can be used in other applications by other organizations.

That is to say this method of “materials exchange” results in disposal savings by the generating company, and saving in the purchase of the material by the recipient organization.

Reuse adds value! 

Our aim is to deliver broken surfboards and damaged wetsuits to partners.

Therefore our partners will reuse the materials so our products can have a new life.

In conclusion, we can responsibly keep materials out of the landfill and reduce pollution by being circular surf waste advocates.

Check the amazing new life that Eva is giving to the old wetsuits at Nalu project in the Algarve.