Eco Kids

Eco Kids a more Sustainable Future

We want to bring in a playful, fun and experimental way, basic topics for the understanding of the world around us and how it influences our everyday lives, even though we are not aware of it.

Eco Kids is a project that aims to combine surf lessons for the youngest with  ECE (Environmental Conscious Education).

Take, for example:

  • the phases of the moon in the tidal cycle,
  • the seasons in the development of fruits and vegetables,
  • the water cycle with soil quality and native animals and trees of each region,
  • the plastic cycle in our food through pollution of the oceans and marine fauna,
  • among many other natural phenomena that interact with each other in the form of cause and effect.

A Sustainable Future with Eco Kids

Praia da Rocha, Algarve

“Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults”

This is a classic cliché but is also an inevitable truth.

If we want to guarantee a better future for the next generations, then we must bet the ones who will, in the medium term, make decisions and influence the world as we know it.

today’s children. To enable our youngsters to explore the curiosities that the natural world has to teach is to contribute to their awareness and motivation, so they see how special and precious is the planet we live on, and how we all must contribute to preserve and ensure its lifespan for the greater good.

Permaculture, recycling and reuse of natural materials for the construction of various utensils, fruit picking, earth construction, interaction with animals in their natural habitat, visits to study centres, will be regular features for our Eco Kids this certainly will help to create a more sustainable future.

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