Eco Kids

Eco Kids for a Sustainable Future

In a playful, entertaining and experimental way, we want to convey basic themes for understanding the world around us, and show ways to act more sustainably even from a young age.

Eco Kids is a project that aims to combine surf lessons for the youngest with  Environmental and Sustainability Education (ESE) in the afternoon.

With this, we want to make use the potential of surfing, which lies in the fact that through direct confrontation with the environment, strong feelings of connectedness and pro environmental attitudes are awakened and link it with educational interventions in a meaningful way.

Therefore, our Eco Kids work on:

  • the reasons and effects of humanmade infrastructure
  • the production, processing and transportation of food
  • the lifecycle of plastic and eco alternatives
  • the plastic cycle in our food through pollution of the oceans and marine fauna
  • the understanding of consumption patterns
  • the greenhouse effect and consequences of global warming

A Sustainable Future with Eco Kids

Praia da Rocha, Algarve

“Today’s children are tomorrow’s adults”

This is a classic cliché but is also an inevitable truth.

If we want to guarantee a better future for the next generations, then we must bet the ones who will, in the medium term, make decisions and influence the world as we know it: today´s children.

To enable our youngsters to explore the curiosities that the natural world has to teach and to gain the competence to act towards sustainability, we developed the Eco Kids program along relevant educational theories. Here, we focus on equipping the children with knowledge, willingness and confidence to contribute in our planets conservation and therefore the wellbeing of present and future generations.

With exploring human influences on Praia da Rocha, or the benefits of Local food Markets, examining sustainable practices such as recycling and reusing, or  the usage of natural materials, our Eco Kids are motivated to create a more sustainable future.

If this is a project that interests you then get in touch with us.

We will probably be in tune exploring what nature is offering us at that exact time of the year.