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European Maritime Day

André Carrilho
20 May 2021
European Maritime Day

The European Maritime Day was created in 2008. This day aims to highlight the importance of the seas and oceans.

As the world population grows, the dependence on protein that is obtained from the Sea has increased exponentially. According to the most recent studies, around 55% of the oceans are being targeted for fishing. These data indicate that about 30% of marine stocks are overfished and approximately 55% are completely depleted.

In addition to overfishing (overfishing), there is also the problem associated with accidental fishing. Called bycatch, which exert more pressure on fish populations. Some of these fish species are considered to be key and essential for a good balance of marine ecosystems.

Natural Park of Ria Formosa, Faro

The seas and oceans are regulators of the climate, source of oxygen, food, water, renewable energy, pharmaceutical products, minerals, and also used for maritime transport and recreational purposes.

Eurpean Maritime Day

It is in itself a crucial mitigation against climate change and an essential resource for sustainable development. The health of our seas and oceans is inseparable from the health of our planet and of all life on Earth.

Because we are yet to explore and still know a large part of the ocean, we have not yet fully understood its real importance. However, what we know allows us to affirm about its importance and a crucial piece for the existence of life on the Planet.

Portimão, Algarve

We now recognize that human actions have a negative impact on the seas and oceans. Its sustainability and conservation should be a concern for everyone. To protect and care for the seas and oceans is to ensure the protection and well-being of Humanity.

Marine litter is one of the biggest threats to aquatic ecosystems. It is present in coastal areas and in the high seas, on the surface and on the seabed, with an impact on all marine habitats and economic activities associated with the sea.

It is up to us to actively contribute to its preservation, namely in the collection of garbage on the beaches. Through beach cleaning initiatives or even by the initiative itself.

Be more proactive!