1 day Rental

Rates from

30 €


1 day


All ages


Rental Surfboard Wetsuit Eco is an awesome way of enjoying the waves with amazing quality material.

If you happen to come to the beach and the waves are amazing and you forgot your wetsuit and surfboard this might be an incredible option for you.

At Future Eco Surf School we already have at your disposal a few things.

SurfBoards that are certified with level I by “Sustainable Surf Org”.

But also have  Deeply “Eco” Surf Wetsuits using eco-friendly glues, 100% recycled Leashes and of course 100% organic Wax.

These materials have no impact on marine life and are harmless to fish and corals.

A Future Eco Surf School customer is and will be more and more a surfer with a low impact on the surrounding environment.

We stand together for a more eco-friendly surf school!!

The client is responsible for the rented gear, and the participants’ safety.

We will need your identification as a guarantee for the rented gear.

We hope you think the Rental Surfboard Wetsuit Eco option would be an incredible and helpful option not just for you but also for the ocean.

What to bring

  • ID card
  • Water
  • Light snack
  • Swimsuit or extra underwear (to use under the wetsuit)
  • Sunblock
  • Good night’s rest
  • Good mood