Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Special Thanks

Special Thanks from a Sustainable Surf School

To several people, to friends and organisations, we are grateful for their involvement in what is today Future Eco Surf School.

Throughout these 22 years, many people worked together with us giving great input to this project. So many that for sure several will not be mentioned but to whom we are also so grateful.

A special thanks to Guga Gouveia, the founder of this project back in 1998.

Special thanks also to all surf coaches that over the years provided unforgettable moments to our kids and tourists from all over the world.

Special thanks to the world’s best surf photographer Daniel Pankoke, responsible for more than 90% of the photos on this site. His creativity and friendliness keep surprising us, session after session, with memorable instants.

We are very grateful to our customers, for their loyalty over the years.

Many of them have grown from customer status to a new status as friends – which makes us proud!

We extend our thanks to some partners for their support not only in good times but especially in the most challenging ones:

  • Clube Naval de Portimão (one of the most iconic and award-winning clubs in the Algarve)
  • Deeply (the most international of the Portuguese surf brands – of which we take great pride)
  • Several accommodation and booking partners that have to trust their clients on us
  • Thanks, and appreciation to our families who patiently await us on the long summer days and on the short, cold winter days.

Obviously, a heartfelt thanks to Mother Nature, plentiful, unpredictable and the largest source of life and inspiration, without which our existence as surfers would not be possible.

Let’s share together this unique vibe of gliding nature in movement.

Thanks a million from a Sustainable Surf School!

Ricardo Gonçalves, CEO