Surf & Environment

Surf Environment and sustainability

At Future Eco Surf School we have a great concern about the environment. We understand the importance of bringing environmental awareness to people’s minds.

We believe it’s of the utmost urgency to adopt sustainable environmental practices. Bringing to light new patterns of consumption.

Giving the individual the social responsibility to act as a conscious environmental being. 

What the Research says?

According to Abu Bashar, Irshad Ahmad and Mohammad Wasiq,  the effectiveness of social media as a marketing tool helps consumers in buying decision making.

In an era where technology prevails, entrepreneurs, as well as marketers, see the need to keep up with the fast pace of change or risk of being outdated.

Gone are the days when a pure-bricks business model will thrive well in the current market scenario. It is practically impossible to design a marketing strategy without considering social networks.

Social media has become a really important gradient in today’s marketing mix in general and in the promotion mix in particular.

Adapting some form of marketing online through social media is a key node for all businesses. Especially in an industry where trends constantly change.

The use of social media has increased exponentially in the last few years.

We share weekly posts on Sundays called #sustainablesunday.

We have found it to be a vital asset to use Social media platforms. Such as Instagram and Facebook to raise environmental awareness. 

Promoting positive environmental news, not only benefits our existing clients. It is a way of spreading our environmental mission to new people and industries aligned with our vision. 

Surf Environment and sustainability

Kelly Slater said: Once a surfer becomes a surfer there’s almost like an obligation for that surfer to become an environmentalist at the same time. 

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In short use and share the hashtag #sustainablesunday so we can spread and raise awareness one post at a time.