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World Earth Day

André Carrilho
22 April 2021
World Earth Day

This date has been celebrated for nearly 50 years in 190 countries. This is not just another day, but an opportunity that we should not miss.

Sometimes called Planet Earth Day or Mother Earth Day. The purpose of this day is to call the attention of all the inhabitants of the Planet that this is our home, so we must preserve it.

As millions of people around the world say, “There is no Planet B”.

Every year, on April 22, Earth Day marks the birth of the environmental movement. This movement was created in 1970, which gave voice to an emerging public awareness about the state of our planet.

Portimão, Algarve

The most recent covid-19 pandemic that flooded the world, shook our lives. That situation made us wondering everything we took for granted.

It is crucial for Humanity to live in harmony with the Planet. Since all the resources that support societies and the economy come from it, in search of a more sustainable development on Earth.

Starting from an early age to instill a sense of responsibility and respect for nature in the little ones. This is the right way for them to become more aware citizens in the future.

Carvoeiro, Lagoa

This is an important day to promote awareness and awareness of biodiversity, concern for the environment and the problem of pollution, in particular, in the oceans.

The desire to step on the sand on the beach, to enjoy the waves of the sea, to breathe the fresh air started to have more importance than the material goods by which we are surrounded.

As a family, with friends or independently, we intend to celebrate World Earth Day as best as possible! Do not let this day pass and every other day to dedicate yourself to our most precious asset: our Planet.

Take care of our Planet the same way he takes care of us!