3 crucial warm-up steps before surfing

André Carrilho
21 of June 2022
3 crucial warm-up steps before surfing

3 crucial warm-up steps before surfing.

The boring but essential part of surfing!

Many surfers when arriving at the beach do not perform the proper warm-up, underestimating the physical load that the activity itself requires.

First of all, ensuring a good “warm-up” allows you to get the most out of the activity, as well as greater performance at the motor and technical level.

The main goal of performing the “warm-up” is to prepare the body to adapt in the transition from a resting situation to an effort condition.

Praia da Rocha, Portimão

Warm-up exercises progressively increase your temperature, heart rate, and blood flow to your muscles. This habit prepares the body for more intense efforts, enhancing the performance of the entire body structure.

The “warm up” also has the function of reducing the risk of possible muscle and joint injuries.

Warm-up in 3 (three) steps:
  1. General Phase
  2. Specific Phase
  3. Stretching Phase

The General Phase of the “warm up” should allow a more active functioning of the organism as a whole.

It should be performed through exercises that mobilize large muscle groups. Initially should be performed with a low intensity and gradually increase.

  • Slow paced running
  • Knee lift run
  • Side run
  • Fast paced running

The Specific Phase consists of performing specific exercises for the modality aimed at activating small muscle groups, which should technically resemble the typical movements of the modality.

In the case of surfing, the warm-up should be characterized by the performance of exercises that involve upper and lower limbs and trunk, through rotation, twisting and bending, performed smoothly.

  • Neck
  • Column
  • Pulse
  • Legs
  • Shoulders
  • Knees
  • Waist
  • Ankles

The Stretching Phase consists of performing static exercises, based on the stretching of various muscle groups and tendons, which are required in the technical exercises of the modality.

In this way, it is intended to develop greater flexibility, allowing the movement of muscles and joints in all ranges of movement.

Cordoama beach, Sagres

After surfing, the surfer must do an active recovery with stretching and relaxation exercises.

In this way, it prevents muscle pain, due to the strong contractions to which it was submitted during surfing, facilitating the adaptation of the locomotor and cardiorespiratory system to rest.

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