3 tips to never ever nosedive again!

Norbert Ferenczi
15 of June 2023
3 tips to never ever nosedive again!

Everybody who ever tried surf ,experienced the sensation of nosedive. There is no problem with that but if you don’t find it fun anymore we give you 3 good tips to finish for all. 


Find the sweat spot! Balancing on your board is one of the main fundamentals of surfing. This means you should not have too much weight on your front otherwise the nose of the board is gonna dip into the water and you can nosedive very easily. On a beginners board (8ft) we always recommend to put the toes to the very edge of the board. This way you have the perfect balance. If you are riding another size of board before you paddle for the wave make sure that the nose of your board is above the water by a few inches. Not too high because that way the wave is not gonna push you forward.

2,Lift up your chest

You have to make sure that the front half of the board is weightless. That’s the reason why surfers meanwhile paddling for waves arching with the back. Here we would like to mention the hand position should also be at the second half of the board so when you pop up on your board you don’t push down the front. 

3, Look back to the wave 

Most of the nosedives are happening when we transform from a beginner surfer to an intermediate one. This comes with catching unbroken “green waves” . A classic beginner’s mistake is to paddle for those waves without checking the shape of them. If the wave is 90 degrees already and about to break down your board will follow the same pattern and you will nosedive. We recommend you while paddling, look back behind your shoulders. 

If the wave is just a bump without steepness , paddle strong . If the wave is already steep enough, about 70-80 degrees just paddle easily so you don’t fall down. 

These are the main things you must correct if you experience nosedives. Now grab your board and leave your bad habits behind!