5 Portuguese cities with great surfing vibe!

Norbert Ferenczi
8 of June 2023
5 Portuguese cities with great surfing vibe!

We present you the 5 best portuguese cities before you travel to know where to find the best vibes along the coast.

1, Matosinhos

It’s located 5 km’s up north from Porto so it makes it easy if you are planning to arrive by plane. Since it’s located next to one of the biggest cities of Portugal, you’re gonna find many options to dine, especially fish restaurants along the coast. If you need to rent your surfgears there are also plenty of options right on the beach. Matosinhos is a long , super flexible stretch of beach, which offers many peaks to surf, though being close to Porto makes it crowded on better days. If you would like to discover the tradition of the north and taste some of the finest wines of Portugal this should be your place to go!


This will be a big one! Since Nazaré holds the record of the “biggest wave ever surfed” with 26 meters ,  you can tell that it is not a beginner friendly spot. The town hosts many professional big wave competitions  so if you would like to go and witness the energy of the wave , I recommend to plan closer to these dates. You can look up on the next event. The town itself is very friendly and has  one of the most ancient traditions connected to fishing in Portugal. Take a break in one of the restaurants to enjoy a plate of fresh seafood, grilled fish or an appetizing bouillabaisse. And in the evening, there’s nothing like enjoying the setting sun on any terrace overlooking the sea, while the lights come on and night falls.

3, Peniche

It’s located in the heart of Portugal at the area of Leira. The biggest advantage of the region surfwise is that it’s a peninsula .  There are beaches facing in all directions. That means there is always something for all seasons to surf.  People often call the area as “surf mecca” that is the reason why they are hosting the world championship there at Supertubos beach. The town itself is not the prettiest of Portugal but the quality of the surf will make it up to you.

4, Ericeira

The  charming portuguese town is located about 35 kms north from Lisbon. This makes it an easy access for those who arrive in Portugal by plane . Between Ericeira and Lisbon there are also buses operating to make travelers’ lives easier . Today Ericeira is a perfect fusion of Portuguese heritage with an ultra cool surfing ambience, where traditional fishermen’s cottages nestle amongst  trendy lounge bars and cafes. There are plenty of beaches to surf that suit all levels of surfers with strong consistent swells. This is why the majority of foreign visitors pick this location especially for surfing through during the summer months which also becomes a lively and buzzing holiday destination. Ideal for young couples and families.  

5, Sagres

Often called the “ end of the world” since this is the westernmost point of Europe. Sagres is located in the area of Vila do Bispo. The biggest advantage of the place is the two coastline. One is facing west which is ideal for the summer months the other one facing south which is mostly working best on the winter season. The town itself was ruled by fishermen in the old days but the big bumm of surfing brought a buzzing surf vibe to the place. You can find many  surf schools and shops all around where you can rent or buy your gears.  For those who are hungry for some of the best seafood in Portugal it’s also a good choice to go. 

Do not hesitate! Buy your ticket and expirience the surfing vibe of Portugal!