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5 reasons to visit the Algarve for Valentine’s day

Norbert Ferenczi
1 of February 2024
5 reasons to visit the Algarve for Valentine’s day

In our romantic relationships perhaps marriage, we live life day by day , often forget about the fact that these connections needs to be nurtured. It is possible that we live a busy life because of work or children. Luckily there is a day on the 14th of February which called Valentine’s day , the day of true lovers. This is a good opportunity to take some time off together and celebrate. In this article we give you 5 reasons to pick the Algarve as your Valentine’s day destination. 

1, The weather

Unlike other destinations in Europe the Algarve is having a mild winter with lots of hours of sunshine and you can have days with 20 degrees of temperature. If you are not the “cave in” under the blanket type but rather enjoy the outdoors the Algarve is your place for Valentine’s day. 

2,  Low budget

During Valentine’s day the flight companies , accommodations and tours always lower their costs this makes them  more accessible . Im not telling you to be cheap with your loved one but if you can do more for less, why not visit the Algarve?

3, No crowd

The Algarve is full of nice beaches and tourist attractions ! Unfortunatly year by year more and more people discover this once called “hidden diamond of Europe.” During the summer, the caves can be overcrowded. The beaches can be almost impossible to enjoy because of the large number of people, not to mention the heat. Furthermore most likely, you will drive around a lot to find parking spots. If you come during Valentine’s day ,the area is quiet and the spaces will open up for you. 

4, The ocean 

Portugal and most importantly the Algarve is gifted with a hundreds of kilometers of epic coastline  which includes over a 100  beaches where you can walk along hand in hand with your feet in the sand and enjoy the beautiful sunset . There are less romantic things to do for your Valentine’s day celebration if you think about it. 

5, Surf !

Have you thought of doing something new for your Valentine’s day? Why not be active and introduce yourselves to a new sport ? The water might be cold at this time of the year just to dive in a bikini but during a surf lesson you wear wetsuits which gives you comfort to spend a couple of hours in between waves and who knows even discover the second biggest love of your life ! 

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