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5 reasons to wake up early and score waves!

Norbert Ferenczi
1 of June 2023
5 reasons to wake up early and score waves!

You shall wake up with the sun and be the first in line. In this article we gather 5 reasons why it’s worth.

1, Adrenaline boost

Exercising in the morning is considered best because it gives you an adrenaline boost. Adrenaline enhances alertness, helping you overcome the sleepy feeling. Mixing the morning adrenalin with the amount of what you get from surfing is definitely better than a shot of coffee.

2,Better time management

The early morning hours tend to be the most productive time of day because you get uninterrupted time to yourself. You can use this peaceful and quiet time to plan your day. Include your surfing early morning so there will be tons of time for everything else ahead. 

3, Beat the traffic

Wake up before everyone else ! Gives you a green light straight to the beach so you don’t waste your time just sitting in your car and being stressed. For sure you are also gonna find parking spots at the early hours!

4, Beat the crowd.

Early birds most likely gonna find empty line-ups. It makes the entire session less stressful and gives you more waves to practice on. 

5,Clean waves

Most of the time surfers are looking for offshore or less wind conditions. The reason that this makes the waves clearer and longer. As a basic rule of thumb the winds are typically lighter in the morning, strongest in the afternoon and just before the sunset gets lighter again. 

So put the alarm early and score the waves of your life!