5 reasons why Kids should surf

Norbert Ferenczi
11 of January 2024
5 reasons why Kids should surf

Our first years as we are growing up later on will define us as an adult. Here are 5 reasons why kids should surf and gain the right values of life.

1, Commune with nature

There are a lot of ways to get in touch with nature (hikes, runs, gardening, etc.), but for lovers of the ocean, there is something special about being out in the waves. When you’re out surfing, it’s just you, the ocean, and your board. If you want your child to develop an appreciation for nature, surfing is an easy way to immerse them in the outdoors.

2,Great to give out energy

Kids are having a tremendous amount of energy which they need to give out in some form. Being couple of hours in the ocean being crushed on the waves and have fun with a surf board is definitely taking off almost all the spare energies so in the evening nobody wants to stay up late . All they need is a comfy bed and a good night kiss. 

3,Teach them to be patient

In our running world kids want to get everything and they want them fast! Now surfing is a different cake! You can’t just cry, make a scene and gnarly waves appear. The best things in life often come slowly, and that principle remains true in surfing too. Through surfing, there are many ways to learn patience. Surfing requires children to wait for high waves, deal with rough currents, and meticulously care for their boards. There, surfing is an environment that inherently teaches patience or self-discipline to a child that hasn’t otherwise developed it yet.

4,Great excersise for kids

This one seems obvious, but we felt the need to point it out anyways. Surfing is a fantastic full body exercise that develops physical strength as well as aerobic fitness. If your child needs to cross-train for another sport, or maybe doesn’t otherwise have any interest in exercising, surfing can be a fun way to develop peak physical fitness.

5, Build up confidence

If you’re brand new to surfing, paddling yourself out into crashing waves can be a bit scarry first. A little bit of hesitation before facing the ocean is natural, as is a little bit of anxiety before most of the significant events in our lives. After a little practice, and becoming more comfortable with the ocean, kids often quickly overcome their initial fears. Therefore, we argue that surfing can be a useful tool for teaching kids to overcome little worries and anxieties, and this might boost their confidence for their day-to-day life.

As a bonus, surfing looks cool. It’s hard not to feel relaxed and confident after a good day of surfing!