5 surf jobs that can put you closer to the waves 

Norbert Ferenczi
8 of February 2024
5 surf jobs that can put you closer to the waves 

There are some lucky people around the world who can turn their passion into a profession and surf junkies are definitely a group of that kind. Many surfers especially those who are not based right near the beach with waves following a nomadic lifestyle and hunting for jobs in the surf industry. 

In this article we introduce you to 5 professions that can land you a surf job in one of your desired destinations. 

1. Surf instructor

Surfcamps and surf schools are always looking for instructors since they are the engine of the business. The tasks of a surf instructor mostly are welcoming guests and gear them up according to their skills and conditions of the ocean. Make sure that they give the right safety instructions and basic understanding of the waves. They set up personalized goals for the session,give the right instructions to reach those requerments and last but not least encourage and motivate through the class. Few schools and camps also require instructors to drive to the beach with surf gears and interract with clients after the classes . 

To become an instructor you will need a qualification of surf teacher and life saving award . Usually you can pass these two during one course. It can be ISA, ASI or one of the local federation’s courses, for example Portuguese Federation. It’s surely a plus if you have a driver’s license , at least speak English fluently and know some basics of the local language too. 

2, Photographer/Videographer

We are living in a world where businesses must do well with marketing. It helps a lot if you are having a professional in your team who makes the right shots. Photographers provide surf businesses with the right content and for extra charge they also help them to edit and publish those. 

There are surf schools who provide lessons with pictures so later on people can see themselves how they performed (it’s not always a good experience). Later on they can purchase them to keep the memory and to blow up social media sites. 

To become a photographer it’s a good help if you pass a photography course and buy equipment that you know well and trust . If you do not feel confident bringing your own camera to the beach everyday , you can also require the school to provide you with one.   Create a portfolio so potential employers can see your style and how you work. 

3, Social Host

Mostly surf camps who are very busy with clients looking for social hosts to welcome guests and keep the vibe up . If you are a social host you are basically the face of the surf camp/school. You have to make sure that you interact with all clients and make sure they are having the best time possible . Mostly the task is organizing activities during the afternoon when the surf lessons are over. This can be sports , movie nights or even drinking games. Anything that can bring people together and create a nice buzz. 

To become a social host you do not really need a qualification but you have to know yourself well , it’s not for everybody. You must be a people person who loves to interact with strangers to later on become friends. Should not be shy, instead you must be the one who brings up the fire from those who are. 

4. Yoga Instructor 

Surf and Yoga come hand in hand especially since Gerry Lopez made this combination popular (movie link in here). For such a legendary surfer you believe that a few stretches can help with your performance on the board too.  Yoga mostly is a morning activity in surf camps but happens that they do sessions in the afternoon too.  Few employers can ask yoga instructors to take part in other tasks too , like preparing breakfast , cleaning or guest relations. 

To become a Yoga instructor and get a surf job you will need a certification. 

To qualify yourself you can read more in here (

5. Front desk / receptionist 

Every business, even fun surf companies, needs to be organized well and for this mostly the front desk is responsible. A front desk receptionist is the first point of contact at a large company or office. Daily duties and responsibilities of a front desk receptionist include greeting and signing in visitors, receiving and sorting mails, scheduling meetings, and coordinating office activities.

To work as front desk/receptionist you do not necesseraly need a certification though having a degree of business or marketing definitely helps a lot so as previous experience and referencies. 

These are the 5 most common surf job opportunities that you can find while you search on the net . It is worth looking for positions like chef, manager, driver or even handyman.

The Future Eco Team is always on the search for new talents so if you feel like you would be a good fit , send us an application! We might have your dream surf job !

We wish you the best to find your dreams and live the life you desire!