5 Unwritten rules of surfing 

Norbert Ferenczi
15 of February 2024
5 Unwritten rules of surfing 

Just like in traffick in surfing we are also having priority and other rules too. These rules are part of the surf etiquette and most surfers are following them. If you would like to be a part of surfing and line up society you must learn at least these 5 of them !

1. Do not drop in!

To understand this rule you should be able to identify the peak of the wave and see to which side the wave is breaking down, left or right. The person who is closest to the peak has the priority to surf down the wave along the green wall, moving away from the white water. You do not want to drop in , otherwise you cut off someone’s line and you can easily crush your boards or each other.

2. Do not snake!

Snakes are trying to get priority all the time and catch every wave possible. So to get to the peak they paddle around or even cut you off with their paddling to the wave. This can also be dangerous and you can upset many people in the line up. Wait for your turn and wave by wave get closer to the peak. Perhaps find a sandbank for yourself.

3. Paddle back wide or towards white water!

After you caught a wave you must paddle back to the line up without bothering other surfers while riding. The best thing you can do is to paddle back as wide as possible so you are not in the way. Another possibility is to paddle towards the white water because surfers mostly maneuvering on the green face , escaping the white wash. 

4. Hold your board!

Your board can make damage especially when you are riding a hardboard already so make sure you know how to paddle out safely while keeping your board. Surfers mostly do duck dives with shortboards or with longboard turtle rolls. Only  throwing boards behind if absolutely nobody is around and there is a huge set breaking right front. If you do not know about paddling out techniques yet we encourage you to get a lesson!

5. Communicate!

It’s always nice to smile and say Hi once you get to the line-up this can break the ice. If an A-frame is coming towards you make sure you let the other surfer know which way you plan to go. With an A-frame there are possibilities to go left and right too . If you did drop accidently on somebody make sure you ask for an apology . At the end we are all having the same passion in a sport that can be extremely dangerous even fatal since things are happening in the water. Make sure you look out for each other. 

5+1 is to respect the locals. They are not going to wear a wetsuit which says “watch out I’m a local” guess you shall point them out without this help. They mostly occupy the peak and speak the local language, hanging out with a bunch of friends . If you point out locals, stay still, don’t show fear and wait for your turn on the shoulder of the wave.