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5 ways to make a better surfing community!

Norbert Ferenczi
29 of June 2023
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There is always room for some further changes. We keep involving and that’s what makes life beautiful.

In this article we introduce you 5 ways how you can change surfing community positively .

1, Communicate in the line up

Once we paddle out next to somebody we shall use basic communication. Nothing difficult just to say Hi, all good and then focus on your mission to catch waves. When the wave is rolling close to us it’s also useful to communicate about who is paddling first or which direction we want to go. This way we can actually understand the other surfers and we all can catch more waves. Do not forget if something bad happens with you in the water the nearest surfer next to you is the one who will go and help you out!

2, Pick up some garbage on your way back

You might think picking up a piece of fishing net is not gonna change the world and “it’s not my garbage” anyway . It might just be a piece from you but you already showed a good example for someone else and they will perhaps act the same way next time. Once we all start to collect small pieces of garbage those who do not watch out will feel emberessed of the mess they leave behind. Step by step we can make a difference and can clear out our beaches. 

3, Respect locals and nature

We don’t say that once you are on the peak of an amazing wave not to drop but make sure you don’t paddle all the time towards the peak ,wave after wave. Especially if you notice there are locals in the water once they start paddling and they seem confident to catch, just let them enjoy their homebreaks, don’t go for a race with them. Once you decide to use a vehicle, always make sure that you park at the right place and do not damage nature or leave trash behind. 

4, Get surf lessons

If you are just starting to surf or you are not confident about your skills we encourage you to pay in for at least a couple of surf lessons. This way you will learn basic techniques and unwritten priority rules of surfing. You are going to be more confident in the water and be less dangerous for fellow surfers. 

5, Support local businesses

As you are traveling, always have in mind to spend your money smart and make sure it goes to the right place. Instead of supermarkets , you can always look up local markets. When renting or buying equipment you shall also look up for those who are based in the area and sell local products. This way you help each destination to develop and be more sustainable. 

Be the change you want to see in the world!