6 reasons why surfing might be consider a spiritual practice

Norbert Ferenczi
13 of April 2023
6 reasons why surfing might be consider a spiritual practice

Surfing is a sport for sure an olympic one nowadays, a lifestyle as well since the very beginning more than five centuries ago, but can it be considered a spiritual practice as well? Let’s check together.

1.Being present

You must have heard the phrase “to be present ” numerous times from yogis , gurus or famous writers from spirituality books. The fun thing is that it really works. As a surfer becomes one while riding the wave, your mind takes off the garbage and only focuses on that exact moment.

People try to sit in lotus position for many sessions without getting any closer to what a surfer feels on one wave. Time desapears , the mind becomes conscious and your real being awakens. 

2. Facing challenges

Without challanges would not be possible to overcome your apparent limitations and enjoy success.

Surfing it’s such a stoke because it’s also challenging, demanding conditions in the ocean can teach a lot about life’s daily challenges as you will have to be patient, to trust and to persist.

Trust yourself! Many times in one hour you are just paddling around for that one wave you are waiting for, frustration comes up , you start to doubt yourself but once you learn to read the signs well and trust in the timing of the ocean it becomes an activity to just enjoy no matter what. 

Bordeira beach, Algarve

3. Concentration

During a surf session you can’t let yourself wonder or focus on something else for a long time. You must see the waves rolling in, figure out your next move quickly and adapt.

We tend to be sleepwalkers in life and not see our possibilities while they are passing by. Surfing helps to catch big waves in life too as your focus skills improve.

4. Ego balancer

Surfers can realize quickly that in the ocean they are not in control and not everything happens the way they want. The boss is always going to be mother nature and we must respect that.

We are all just tiny pieces of it but not apart from it. Surfing works well on our Ego from building up our self esteem when we do well, but also makes you humble as the ocean will remind you time after time who is in charge.

5. Nature awareness

As we all surf in nature we must be protactive towards nature. Since most of the surfers are spending much time on the beach they all wittness pollution.

Plastic on the beach , occasionally even dead animals on the shore . Experiencing rapid changes in our climate at our local surf spots.

As Kelly Slater (11x World Champion)  said : “I think when a surfer becomes a surfer, it’s almost like an obligation to be an environmentalist at the same time.” 

Portimão, Algarve

6. Gratification

Even on your hardest day in life, once you paddle out for a surf and catch a beautiful wave at that moment you’re gonna feel that everything is alright.

It’s hard to don´t feel grateful after a surf session even if the surf wasn´t mind blowing, at least natural elements will make you destress and feel well again.

Life is way simpler than we make it out to be, start to decomplicate by going to surf and while enjoying that experience you will find out that spirituality might just be that link between you and your true self with a little precious help from mother nature.

Remember the wise words from Dalai Lama “There is no way to happiness, happiness is the way”– go surfing.