7 Iconic surfing movies for the cold days of winter.

Norbert Ferenczi
29 of December 2023
7 Iconic surfing movies for the cold days of winter.

Winter is here and most of the countries are freezing cold at this time. We listed you here 7 surfers movies to  keep you warm and make you stoked for the next year. 

1. Endless Summer

The best to bring back the summer vibes. Bruce Brown’s iconic surf doc takes young West Coast surfers Mike Hynson and Robert August on a ’round-the-world search for the perfect wave. They find it, too, on a then-unknown break off Cape St. Francis in South Africa, now one of the world’s most famous surfing sites. Brown’s narration is fun-loving and witty. His footage perfectly captures the adventure, camaraderie and pure joy of the sport. We may not have enough time or money to follow an endless summer around the world, but with Brown’s film (and an insanely good theme song by the Sandals), we can drop in anytime.

2. The BIG wednesday 

Although initially a box-office flop, Big Wednesday has gained a cult audience over the years—people who connected with a coming-of-age story about friends facing life and the Vietnam War. Gary Busey ,William Katt and Jan-Michael Vincent play a tight trio who grow up and apart through surf sessions, parties, marriage and eventually war. Can surfing reunite them after so much? Spoiler alert: Sure can.

3. View from a blue moon

A new wave surfers movie with the very best of video technology. An award-winning surf film by John John Florence and Blake Vincent Kueny.

The duo traveled the world in search of perfect waves, flawless rides, and innovative camera angles.

Florence tasted the power of Pipeline, the dreamy blue ripples of the South Pacific, and the uncharted swell lines of Africa.

The cinematography captures not just the thrill of surfing but also the beauty of the diverse landscapes from locations like Brazil, Hawaii, and Africa.

4. Surf’s Up!

This is a must-see animated movie for the entire family.  Through the movie, we follow the penguin Cody and his journey to become a professional surfer. You will see what challenges he is facing (that is quite similar in the real world), you get to know some of the “typical individuals” found in the surfing community, and last but least, you will for sure have a great laugh. We can notice Kelly Slater and Rob Machado in the movie too.

5. Castles in the sky 

Filmed in five countries over three years, the movie delves into the true heart of the locations while the surfers travel through them with a sense of open-minded awe.

With never-before-seen waves, an original score, and some of the best surfers in the world contributing their art, passion, and athleticism, this is as close to the experience of pioneering new coastlines as you can get without getting on a plane!

6. Chasing Mavericks

This 2012 film, which many described as a documentary rather than a commercial film, tells the story of surfer Jay Moriarity, born in 1978 in Georgia, United States.

The film tells how Jay managed to surf Mavericks, one of the highest waves in the world when he was only 16 years old. Mavericks waves can be between 12 and 18 meters.

This feat was achieved with the advice and company of his coach, legend Frosty Hesson, who prepared and trained him to overcome the difficulties of Mavericks.

The film emphasizes the close friendship formed between Jay and Frosty as a result of the hard and exhausting hours of work and training prior to the conquest of Mavericks.

7. Point Break

The best and only surfing/crime thriller.  Combining great action sequences with the story of an FBI agent first infiltrating, and then becoming seduced by adrenalin-junkie surf culture, Point Break careens along at top speed, carrying the viewer along with it.  A thrill ride both in and out of the water.

We hope with these 7 movies we can make your winter caving a bit more interesting and motivate you to a surf trip in the near Future!