A Surf School Wanting To Co-Create A More Sustainable World

We’re living in a systemic world, where everything is connected.

Where different perspectives or initiatives aren’t more valuable or better than others.

They’re simply different so we need them all aboard if we are to move towards a more sustainable world.

Our planet as a semi-closed system

Ultimately, it’s systemic. Everything is. That’s why together we can go further.

In the natural world, everything is smoothly oiled to fit the balance of an ecosystem.

That way has been allowing Life – and our human “development” as well – to flourish. 

It’s a complex system where one move has impacts elsewhere as everything is tied together.

We acknowledge this, that’s why we know that together and united we can go further, do more and have a greater (positive) impact.

Here is where we stand and what we stand for.

You’re all welcome to join.

We believe the world needs a systemic change consequently co-designed by different actors. 

That’s why we want to make it clear that we’re open to partnering with all sorts of people and organizations aligned with our mission.

We’re not only open to collaborating with surf, ocean protection, yoga or human-development initiatives. 

That is to say our door is open to everyone

Be it soil protection initiatives that apparently have no straight connection to our business.

Sustainability mobility initiatives to raise awareness about the impacts of transportation and certainly in how to mitigate its impact.

Fights for the rights of local communities not feeling heard or feeling like they’re not getting a fair treatment.

You name it.

If the timing is good and we can find common working ground, why not?

Somehow we are all connected and again everything is systemic.

May we be able to find common ground in our separate communities and missions and work together for greater goods.

As happens in the natural world, acknowledge that dealing with diversity can be challenging and uncomfortable.

In conclusion learning how to do it is crucial for our future.