CBD and surf

Norbert Ferenczi
25 of January 2024
CBD and surf

In the last years you must have seen CBD shops opening although in most of the countries it is still illegal to use or sell cannabis . Does it really illegal?

To understand, let us give you a small introduction about cannabis.

It is a psychoactive drug from the cannabis plant. Native to Central or South Asia, the cannabis plant has been used as a drug for both recreational and entheogenic purposes. In various traditional medicines for centuries. Tetrahydrocannabinol (THC) is the main psychoactive component of cannabis which is responsible for the high and being illegal in several countries.   It is one of the 483 known compounds in the plant, including at least 65 other cannabinoids, such as cannabidiol (CBD). Which in this form is not making you high and being accepted to sell in most of the countries now. 

Why athletes and especially surfers  use CBD?

In contrast, CBD doesn’t offer any mind-altering effects. Instead, it focuses on interacting with cannabinoid receptors throughout your body to provide a sense of calm and overall well being. 

For surfers in particular, used to ripping on the world’s powerful and biggest waves, it is the perfect option for aiding in muscle recovery, inflammation, stress and even sleep.

Giving a natural alternative instead of painkillers and other sleeping pills. 

As athletes, the body can undergo some serious strain. As far as surfers, the strain can be immense, from the moment you enter the water to the time you stand to ride it out. CBD has strong anti-inflammatory properties, serving as a great tool for muscle soreness and recovery. It works directly with your body to block inflammation and pain receptors from over firing. It can be a good asset for an injury recovery program. Not only for its pain management capabilities but also to regulate stress.

Is it legal to use it on a pro level?

In 2017, CBD was removed from the controlled substance list by WADA. This opened the door for athletes concerned over drug testing. CBD, unlike marijuana, is allowed for most athletes to use. That being said, if you are subject to drug testing, be sure you know the product you are using contains no trace amount of THC that could prompt a failure.

How to use CBD?

Many people associate Cannabis with smoking but as life and science evolve there are other ways to use CBD too. 

  • CBD oil – CBD oil drops are easy to take and can be taken discreetly.
  • Capsules – simply swallow them with a glass of water, making them easy to incorporate into a daily routine.
  • Gummies – Just eat like any other candy
  • Tea – heat water to the appropriate temperature for your tea (black tea, green tea, etc.) for a proper steep. Then, add a few drops of oil to the hot water and stir until it is fully dissolved.
  • Topicals – start with a small amount of product at first and patch test to see if you have any allergic reactions. Gradually increase the amount if needed, as everyone’s skin reacts differently to CBD
  • Vape Juice – you’ll need an electronic vaporizer compatible with CBD e-liquids. 
  • Classic smoking – Roll it up , light it up, smoke. Probably the unhealthiest way 

to use it so athletes try to avoid it.

Though it has many health benefits and highly popular between top athletes, it can cause side effects too. Such as dry mouth , diarrhea, reduced appetite, drowsiness and fatigue. Before you start using CBD products it is also advised to talk to a doctor first .

Hope we could help a bit about understanding the hype around CBD products and might even gave you a solution of your muscle pain or sleeplessness.