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Let’s ride foamies, homies!

Norbert Ferenczi
22 of February 2024
Let’s ride foamies, homies!


Most of the people meet foamies in their life when they start their  surfing journey. But for what reason beginners use foamies and shall we quit using them after a while? In this article we are going to talk about foamies and their advantages. 

The first date

If you only have  seen surfboards in movies then you finally make your mind up to join a class, probably get shocked and have that WTF moment when you see those huge foamies. 

In fact, the extra width and thickness of these boards give you that extra stability which is what you want when trying to  learn or later on master your pop-up on the waves.

With no major risk of hurting yourself, a foam surfboard drops the mental barrier, fear, stress and anxiety are much less with one less thing to worry about. These are great boards and everything is designed for a beginner to make things easy. 

Practicing turns as an intermediate

You will want a foundation of good technique  and not to commit out of sync movements that send mixed signals to your board.

The technique is the same as normal or as you would do on your other boards, the change comes in working with the board and how it turns slower.

Most average surfers don’t hold their turns, they don’t look at where they want to go or flow with the movement. Everything is typically sudden and not much happens.

This will help break those bad habits and force you to work with the board and learn to hold a turn and keep holding the turn until you get to where you want to go.

Shall I quit foamies once I become a cool shortboarder?

Nope! Soft-top surfboards are great and you’ll find a mix of them out there. 

The hidden benefit of a soft top surfboard is usually surfers have no expectations of the board or surf before they paddle out.

This is huge in ensuring you have a fun surf.  It hasn’t been set up where fun is distinguished by doing a certain turn or anything like that. Most surfers just paddle out and forget the rest, focusing on having fun. The master of foamy surfing is Jamie O’brien who makes incredible maneuvers and barrel rides with his “toys”. 

There are loads of fan foamies on the market even for advanced surfers to make your sessions rather fun than serious.