Physical preparation before your next surftrip

Norbert Ferenczi
4 of May 2023
Physical preparation before your next surftrip

If you are about to pack your bag and start heading to your next surf trip we would advise you to stop for a moment. Think overall of your physical conditions. Is your body strong enough to get back to the sea where you gonna get pounded by waves?

We all know that feeling…

Good news that you can always do some workout before you are getting back to the waves! In this article we are going to give you a few tips which can help you to be more confident with your return.

First of all you should think of the different environment that you are entering when you surf. Suddenly you are not moving surrounded by light air but more heavy water. Practicing one of the most difficult sports ever. So the solution is to

Get used to water!

Would recommend a few pool sessions first with just some easy rounds of swimming compared to your current physical conditions. If you would like to imitate the paddling movement and develop the right muscle groups in your core , the perfect swimming style would be a head up front crawl. In this situation you stare right in front of you. You are lifting up your neck , holding it still . This way you work on the same muscles that you are going to use during your surf sessions.

Surfing always comes with wipeouts, even the most professional surfers are wiping out …

Being under water

Should be also a practice during your preparation. This you can do still , holding the wall ,going under water and measuring for how long you can hold your breath. Later on try to always stay a bit longer so your lungs can adapt to the change. Another possibility would be to do one lap of sprint (ideally front crawl) . The next lap following an underwater swim with breath hold as long as you can.

Getting used to water does not necessarily have to be in the pool. If you have access to be in natural waters like the sea itself, lakes or rivers can also help. In this case always be aware that you do things safely! Get in contact with the local authorities to know the hazards and make sure the water is suitable for bathing . Best exercise would be to have your personal surfboard and just go for paddle laps. This way you do the exact same movements what you are going to do during your surf lessons or free surfing.

If you don’t want to get wet but you are keen to exercise on land there are a few practices as well that can help you.

Firstly and I can’t say it enough

You have to develop muscles around your core!

So for that a good exercise is the following: Get a yoga mat , a few light weights (this can also be just water bottles ) and start lifting up your upper body with the weights in your hand. You can imitate a few paddle moves then let your upper body down to the ground again. Repeat it at least 10-12x keep short breaks and start doing it again.

Another advice is to

Start doing any cardio training

It can be biking, running , hiking, kayaking or attending yoga classes that can bring you to shape. Ideally the sooner you start these practices the better but at least try to time one month in advance or a couple of weeks can also help. More than just lifting yourself up from your comfy sofa and go straight to extreme conditions. Remember also to keep a healthy diet and stretch to become more flexible so you can rip the waves straight away.