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7 best youtube channels to follow for surf

Norbert Ferenczi
28 of March 2024
7 best youtube channels to follow for surf

True surfers are always surfing , even in our minds . Luckily the 21st century’s technology allows us to bring surfing to our living room. Here we show you 7 youtube channels that can fire you up for your next session.

1, Nathan Florence

When your last name is Florence and you grow up on Oahu’s North Shore, you have little choice but to be a maniac. His brother John John is a 2x world champion but Nathan is far from living in his shadows. He is the recent winner of STAB surfer of the year in 2023.  On his youtube channel you’re gonna be experiencing the biggest waves from around the world surfed by him and his highly talented friends group. In a few of his videos he is also giving educational advices of surfing.

2, Ombe surf

Ombe surf is a youtube channel from the . This vlog is probably the most educational that you can find on the web. They are uploading videos frequently about how to succeed better with beginner, intermediate or advanced maneuvers. Their channel on youtube is for free but on the website you can also join to OMBE team for a price which gives you an even more detailed explanation on surfing and let you interact with them and be coached. The founder of the site is Clayton Nienaber ex QS competitor . Coach of Jordy Smith and other WST surfers.

3, Jamie O’Brien – WhoisJOB

One of the most popular surfing channel on youtube , lately just reached 1 million subscribers. Jamie is giving a little fresh air for the surfing industry by not taking surfing so seriously as other competitors. You can see him with a foam board dropping into jew dropping barrels at Pipeline or being on literally fire at Teahupoo. An extremely skilled surfer who can ride any wave with anything… As a professional he also won several events. He is one of the youngest surfer who ever won Pipemaster.

4, Nick von Rupp

Nick von Rupp is a big wave surfer from the land of Portugal so he is being close to our hearts maybe his Portugal back to back series on youtube even closer. He introduces portuguese regions and islands with great detail and by the way riding amazing waves to make you jealous . He is the recent winner of the biggest wave in 2023.

5, Dylan Graves

Dylan Graves and his series the “weird waves” will guide you around the world and show you all kinds of weird waves. Quality is not the main deal in this series but more of its novelty vibe . You can see Dylen surfing in different kinds of scenarios like wave pools, lakes, rivers and other unknown spots from the ice cold of Alaska to the heat of Nigeria .

6, Kale Brock

We gonna turn back to the educational part of surfing videos with Kale Brock. He is an Australian filmmaker with a background in journalism and TV.

Having surfed for over twenty years, Kale brings a unique combination of media experience, communication skills and advanced surfing knowledge to his work. This work includes producing short and long-form surf entertainment content, a world renowned surf technique curriculum and in-person surf retreat experiences.

7, World surf league 

The channel is run by the actual WSL ,the governing body for professional surfers and competitions. The site has more than 15 thousands videos. Here you can follow through women, men and junior competitions live or replay. My good advice is to  watch the Lost Tape series by Kelly Slater 11x times world champion to understand the greatest ever competitor’s mindset a bit better and show you some barrels and spray on the best waves of the world.

Now click on the bests and have a good couch surfing with our recommended youtube channels until we don’t see each other on the lessons!