Sustainable Surf Lessons

At Future Eco Surf School, we believe that we can minimise the impact of a surf lesson and rentals. In our surrounding environment if we invest in the most eco friendly surf gear possible.

At a national level, surfing as a sport already represents a very significant number of athletes in such a way that it may already be the second most popular sport in Portugal.

This means a universe of more than 100 000 athletes according to the most recent statistics.

This is great because we believe that surfing, like any other sport, keeps us physically healthy, and in our case, it also feeds us and our good spirits.

Is it possible to have a Eco Friendly Surf Lesson?

We say Yes.

Even so, and given the materials we have to use in surfing, we cannot be naive and underestimate the impact of these gears on the environment,.

Just take a look:

  • Surfboard (resin, polystyrene, plastic)
  • Leash (plastic)
  • Isothermal suit (rubber, glues)
  • Wax (wax with petroleum derivatives)
  • Sunscreen*

*with artificial ingredients i.e., toxic and artificial products. Theses products have difficult decomposition in nature. Causing a great disruption in the normal functioning of fauna and flora as we know it.

What are the good news?  

Along with technological developments, the increasing awareness of the surfing community about the impact of surf materials, more and more eco-friendly alternatives have appeared.

The wide gap in prices between eco-friendly and harmful products is still obvious. But we must think of the high added value of saving, in the medium and long term, what matters most – the balance of our planet.

That said, Future Eco Surf School already has at its disposal a few things. Boards certified with level I by “Sustainable Surf Org”. But also Deeply “Eco” Surf Wetsuits using:

  • Eco-friendly glues
  • 100% recycled Leashes
  • Wax 100% organic with no impact on marine life
  • Organic sunscreens that are harmless to fish and corals.

A Future Eco Surf School customer is and will be more and more a surfer with a low impact on the surrounding environment.

We stand together for a more eco friendly surf lesson!!

You can learn here more about Deeply sustainable projects.