The 5 biggest threats of surfing in the future.

Norbert Ferenczi
10 of August 2023
The 5 biggest threats of surfing in the future.

Nobody can predict the exact future but as we open our eyes and look around for a moment we can already see issues in the present that can easily develop into a bigger threat then as it is right now. 

1, Water pollution

The source of water pollution can be numerous. In the first place we must think of agricultural run off, oil spills, sewage or general plastic issues. All of these are causing great harm to the ocean and marine life. As we are in direct connection with the ocean we are in direct connection with all of the toxins too. 

2, Climate change

Will potentiolly increase all sources of water pollution. These pollutants can lead to water borne- diseases and create unhealthy conditions for surfing. The warming climate can also lead to algal blooming. The overgrowth of algae consumes oxygen and blocks sunlight from underwater plants. When the algae eventually dies, the oxygen in the water is consumed. The lack of oxygen makes it impossible for aquatic life to survive. Since a few types of algaes are also toxic to human beings it is a direct danger for us too.

3, Sharks

Sharks do not necesseraly like to attack humans but if they are in a lack of food it can happen that they turn against us. With destroying marine life we make it almost an impossible task for them to find their normal food sources. This can threaten surfers in the water. 

4, Construction

With the overpopulation we will also need more housing and infrastructure development. The wealthy like to have the best view of the ocean and a stunning location. 

This can lead to restrictions or bans to reach our favorite surf spots. It can also lead to the destruction of waves, as the construction of buildings and other structures can block the natural formation of waves or change the direction of them.

5, Crowd

Surfing is becoming more and more popular year by year. This causes busy line ups. Finding a great spot without tons of people becoming challanging and once you in the water your board and yourself is in a potential danger. Many of the surfers are not aware of priority rules or they have lack of respect about it which can lead to accidents. People also tend to forget about using eco-friendly products which also speed up the pollutants of our oceans. 

At the end we cannot be sure which direction the things will go. But we as individuals can be sure that we respect the ocean and fellow surfers. Pay attention to the products we use. We must search up organizations on how to fight against pollution and global warming so we can enjoy our favorite sport for a lifetime and share the stoke with the next generations too.

With every drop of water you drink, every breath you take, you are connected to the sea. No matter where you live“
Dr Sylvia Earle