5 reasons to include kayaking in your leisure time!

Norbert Ferenczi
17 of February 2023
5 reasons to include kayaking in your leisure time!
Have you ever wondered which new sport you could include in your leisure time?
In this article we are giving you 5 reasons to vote on kayaking.

1- Kayaking keeps your heart fit!

Kayaking considered as one of the best cardiovascular exercises! Since it is increasing your heart rate for a long amount of time. Basically the harder you paddle the more you will increase your heart rate. So you can always be aware of your limitations.

Through kayaking you are able to build stronger muscles. Including those of the heart, that control your blood pressure, enhance good cholesterol, prevent heart diseases, decrease blood proteins and fats that contribute to blood clots. 

Portimão, Algarve

2- Keep your body fit!

Clearly your upper body sees the majority of the exercise.  The motion of raising and dipping your paddle, plus the resistance of the water combine to strengthen the muscles in your arms, shoulders, back, and chest. But kayaking is not just about the upper body as people mostly think about.

It helps improve muscles in the core, abs and even in the legs. Along with leg and glute muscles, the back and forth motion of seated paddling also engages your core, promoting stronger abs.

Your oblique muscles the muscles responsible for rotating your core are particularly engaged with the motion of paddling to the left and right.

3- Gets you outdoor!

Apart from building up muscles with kayaking you can also get outdoors to hear the sounds of nature and enjoy the health benefits of the sunrays.

This can be a huge relief especially if your job has trapped you inside.

Vitamin D is super important for our health! The sun’s UV rays help your body to make this nutrient, which is important for your bones, blood cells, and immune system.

It also helps you take in and use certain minerals, like calcium and phosphorus. Be aware to always use sunscreen before you paddle under direct sun and make sure that you use eco friendly sunscreens.

Portimão, Algarve

4- Improves your focus

Being outside floating with a kayak on top of water is a highly meditative experience. In this state because of the constant paddling movement your mind simply stops chattering and starts focusing on your rowing movement and your breath.

Your focus will drive your attention to your next step which you need to take in order to be at the right place. That’s the reason why it is highly considered as the right activity for those who struggle with mental health issues.

5- Helps you make friends!

As the activity comes with spending time in nature and exercising, in a circle of kayakers you will definitely find people with similar interests as yours.

This can just be a friendly chat or it can last for a lifetime.We are all driven by human interraction. It’s a nice way to do it at the kayaking scene.

As friends you can learn from each other and introduce each other to different activities.We’re not saying make friends just to learn but this is certainly another benefit!

So do not hesitate just get out there to the water and start living a better life!