Active Meditation

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20 €


An Active meditation class has a duration of 90 minutes.


Active meditation is an opportunity to release tension and blocked emotions from our daily routine through specific exercises, spontaneous dancing and the healing power of sound from which you can expect big freedom and a feeling of wellbeing.

”Indian spiritual guru Bhagwan Shree Rajneesh, later known as Osho before he passed away in 1990, invented active meditation to suit the modern world. “You are born in artificiality; you develop in it. So traditional methods… have to be changed according to the modern situation,” states Osho. He goes on to explain how when Westerners came in contact with Japanese monks for the first time, they could not understand the concept of why the monks considered thinking to come from their bellies instead of their brain. “‘What nonsense!'” he quotes them. “How can you think from your belly?”

Essentially, Osho masterminded active meditation to quiet the mind and move the focus down to the heart and the belly. We all have gut feelings about situations and often our gut, also known as our intuition, is correct. Active meditations help tap into those feelings and put less focus on the chatter going on in our brains.”